Welcome to the website for Gideon Burdon. If you’re here, you’re likely looking up the book Peculiar People: An LDS Comedy.

Peculiar People Cover Image

I self-publish Peculiar People through Amazon and Smashwords, allowing me to reach e-readers of all different shapes and sizes.

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The book is a novella-length comedy. I wrote it because of one of those “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” thoughts and it spiralled out of control and hopefully into your e-reader.

The book is about a British Mormon whose parents are lapsed members who moves to Utah for a semester abroad. To his surprise, he discovers that the people around him seem similar to the stereotypes his parents had espoused about Mormons in general and Utah Mormons in particular. The book charts his journey of discovering the diversity and value of the human character.

Oh, and they all become superheroes under a secret military experiment, too. Just so you know.